Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Sandbag Training

I've taken a few pictures of my training. Logistically it's not the easiest to take photos in my garage so I didn't take many.

The first picture is of a side-loaded squat. Compared to a bilaterally loaded squat I found it challenged the musculature of my torso as opposed to my legs.

The second picture is mid-point of a Turkish get-up. It is originally an exercise developed by Turkish wrestlers and involves getting to your feet from a supine position with a weight. Previously I have done this exercise holding a dumbbell overhead.


  1. Love the garage turned into workout weights room refurb.

  2. Thanks. I don't have much space but I do have a powercage, oly bar, 2" bar, 250kg of plates, 40kg of heavy chains, 60kg sandbag, 60kg keg, bench, tyre, 7lb sledgehammer, an assortment of Jumpstretch bands and a sled for dragging.