Friday, 3 July 2009

Scandinavian Open 2009

The next major competition I intend to do will be the Scandinavian Open on the 17th and 18th October 2009. Prior to the British Open 2009 I didn't do any General Physical Preparation (strength and fitness training) work: I had spent most of the early part of 2009 nursing various injuries and so decided to focus exclusively on technical preparation in the run-up to the competition, partly to avoid being too rusty when I stepped on the mat and partly because I only expected to have one or two fights, given that there are so few female purple belts in the UK. I ended up having three fights on the day and I really felt that I wasn't fit enough to perform at my best. Leading up to the Scandinavians my plan will be:

Monday: Judo
Tuesday: GPP and BJJ
Wednesday: Regeneration/Prehab or Off
Thursday: Judo and BJJ
Friday: GPP and BJJ
Saturday: BJJ
Sunday: Regeneration/Prehab or Off

The GPP will be divided into three four-week mesocycles (medium-term periods of training) with one week deload (period of rest or relative inactivity) after each:

Mesocycle One: Accumulation Phase
Mesocycle Two: Intensification Phase
Mesocycle Three: Maintenance Phase

The Accumulation Phase will be targeted towards increasing my work capacity and strength-endurance. The Intensification Phase will involve increasing my limit strength and speed-strength, using a low volume of high-intensity weights and jump training. During the first two mesocycles I will aim to maintain my existing level of cardiovascular fitness; I would expect that rolling and randori will be sufficient to achieve this. The Maintenance Phase of my preparation will focus on energy systems (cardio) work, while the volume of strength training will be cut back to maintenance levels.

All that said, my primary emphasis over the next 15 weeks will be on Technical and Tactical Preparation (BJJ and Judo classes) and if I have the opportunity to do more technique training such as a private class or if I can arrange to drill/roll with someone outside of class, that will take precedence and I will drop a GPP session if it falls on the same day. When all's said and done, techical ability is the foundation of progress in BJJ; GPP is merely the icing on the cake.

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